The history of Frigerio is an Italian tale, where passion, perseverance and enthusiasm have always been the peculiar hallmarks. Born as a small workshop specialized in upholstery production, Frigerio was founded in 1938 by Federico Frigerio in Mariano Comense, in the heart of Brianza, unique district in the world for expertise and technical abilities. With the same allegiance of the founder, from generation to generation, the manufacturing origins of Frigerio develop when in the Sixties Federico’s sons, Gianfranco and Angelo, start collaborating, in a renewed sign of continuity, by carrying on the Family’s activity into a new industrial dimension. The Frigerio Family’s passion together with a strong bond to the territory are, even today, the fundamental principles of an industry in continuous development.


The family identity, heritage of unique knowledge and expression of a typical Italian managerial attitude, has always represented a peculiar value for Frigerio. Today it is an industrial reality with a strong international soul and Frigerio draws its strength from the deep and continuous commitment of the founding family who since some years see at its helm the second and third generations, the latter all under 40ies. Gianfranco Frigerio is the CEO and creative director supported by his sons Gianmaria, supply chain manager; Gilberto, marketing and commercial manager; Riccardo, R&D manager and his nephew Federico, son of Angelo, as production manager.

The Quality

The perfect synergy between innovation and tradition represents the vital energy of the brand which stands out for the direct production management starting from the carpentry for the production of the structures. Frigerio integrates the value of a deep craftsmanship knowledge, the high experienced skilled staff, the advanced character of the integrated digitized production plants and a flexibility based on the principles of Lean Production with a logistics fully automatized based on a logic 4.0 In addition to the important investments made on machineries the company made choices based on a total quality process by preferring the value of the manual expertise. Frigerio has machineries of the last generation, which are able to cut more layers of fabric altogether and an automatic cut for leathers, but has taken the decision to cut one layer at the time and control manually each cut and check the perfect matching of the warp and of the pattern when cutting fabric with decorative motif. A continuous dialogue between the technologically evolved personality and the more traditional manufacturing spirit that is clearly revealed in the sewing department where skillful hands make the tailoring covers, which personalize each product of the Frigerio collection. Rigorous the choice of the raw materials: leathers, fabrics, wood, metal and paddings are selected with severe criteria.

The Collection

From sofas to seating, the core business of the brand, Frigerio has enriched in time the furnishing collection proposal to offer a complete one going from the living to the night area with beds and cabinets thanks to the support of the design signature of national and international architects and designers, with whom the company has started working since the last years. Hallmarks of the collection are the decorative style and the high quality of the materials, solid wood, fabrics, hide and leather severely selected and all of them enhanced by the tailoring manufacturing. Another peculiarity is the wide possibility of personalization which features all the products of Frigerio, which are able to satisfy every aesthetical need and to furnish both private houses and contract spaces, thanks to the deep company knowledge to handle bespoken projects.

Frigerio nowadays

A dynamics reality, Frigerio features a powerful growing path, which is evident in the continuous and important investments. A company strength confirmed by the capable international spirit and by the progressive structural evolution developed during the last years, which brought in 2018 to the settlement into the new headquarters in Mariano Comense. An avant-garde location which hosts offices, production, logistic and the showroom all inside a factory developed over 6000 square meters, to be furtherly expanded between 2019 and 2020 of other 4000 square meters of surface.


Wide windows facing external roof gardens light up the showroom which is inside the headquarters of Mariano Comense covering a surface of more than 800 square meters. The natural light helps to define the sophisticated atmosphere characterized by the use of different materials that play with each other, between reflections of light and shadow. Conceived as a dynamic space where to welcome customers, dealers, architect and interiors designers, the showroom offers a view on the wide range and flexibility of the Frigerio Collection through its different environments.

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