Vintage soul for the collection Archè, which is the result of the encounter between the rigorous planning style of Umberto Asnago and the essence of Frigerio, defined by the high quality of the materials and the manufacture. The small tables Archè become furnishing elements, expression of an educated planning ability which reinterprets in a contemporary key classical style. The expressive strength of the project of the coffee tables Archè is kept in the design of the sculptural hallmark structure in solid wood. Homage to the carpentry tradition, Archè features a contemporary character given by the sophisticated match between wood and materials selected for the tops. The collection is completed by a writing desk and a family of consoles.

technical information

Structure: in frassino colore Tabacco, frassino colore Wengè o frassino colore Greige. On demand solid ashwood Liquorice colour or solid ashwood Sand colour.
Inserts on tops of small tables and consoles: (same material and same colour for both consoles tops) marble-effect porcelain stoneware Gres in the colours of the Frigerio collection or in  hide-leather art. Cuoio with stitches tone-on-tone.
Family products

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