Elegant finishes and sophistication of primary elements. Gabriele and Oscar Buratti collaborate for the first time with Frigerio by presenting the Elly table, which features a structure formed by wooden columns fused together in a play of joints that animates an apparently simple design. The collection of dining table Elly features a wide range of selection between round, rectangular or the last new oval top in a large dimension. Furthermore the different finishes available for the dining table Elly allows the Elly table to take on different aesthetics without losing its essential nature. The table tops are available in fully glossy lacquered versions as in the base, in the new Frigerio colours collection or with an ashwood base with top in marble or wood. The finishes chosen for this table are certainly one of its distinguishing features, making it an iconic presence, strong colours in bold and sophisticated tones.


New chapters are added to the Frigerio story. The 2023 collection tells a philosophy of slow living, which step by step goes forward by following the rhythm of nature to enjoy moments of pure relaxation and conviviality, in a light and dreamy atmosphere. Each piece of furniture reflects, and re-asserts Frigerio's identity linked to the highest quality manufacturing art to create a unique product with contemporary appeal. The new upholstered systems, the seating elements and tables are characterized by the purity of shapes and volumes, designed by bold lines. These are counterpointed by the careful research of materials and a wide textile collection. Frigerio represents the Made in Italy design elegance with a strong international vocation, a fil-rouge that unites the creations signed by established collaborations with designers such as Gabriele and Oscar Buratti, Ferruccio Laviani, Federica Biasi and Umberto Asnago.

technical information
| Version legs and top in ashwood colour Wengé, ashwood colour Tobacco or ashwood colour Greige, on demand ashwood Liquorice colour or ashwood Sand colour.
| Version legs and top in glossy lacquered.
| Version legs and top in ashwood colour Wengé, ashwood colour Tobacco or ashwood colour Greige on demand ashwood Liquorice colour or ashwood Sand colour and top in marble in colours of the Frigerio collection.
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